Harvard Astronomy 201b

Class Handouts


•Angular vs. Linear sizes   •Molecular cloud properties  •Interstellar cloud properties

Kinetic Equilibrium and Radiative Processes

•History of Saha  •Bowers and Deeming excerpt on the Saha Equation  •Jonathan Williams’ page on measuring dust mass  •NRAO “Fundamentals of Radio Astronomy”: Brightness and Flux Density  •Book Chapter: Interstellar Extinction and Scattering

The ISM of the Milky Way

•The Leiden Atomic Molecular Database  •Myers et al. Dense Cores in Dark Clouds VI: Shapes

Molecular Clouds and Star Formation

COMPLETE steps of star formationSEDs of young starsInstabilitiesLarson’s LegacySpitzer’s Gravitational Collapse of a Sphere

The Interaction of Stellar Winds with the ISM

Shock DejargonificationPath of photons in an HII regionJonathan Williams’ page on shocksShock Examples


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