Harvard Astronomy 201b

Journal Club 2013

This page links to the journal articles discussed by the class in Spring 2013. Articles were selected from the AY201b Library at Mendeley.

This page is a continual work in progress… the full journal club schedule can be viewed on the iSite.

Example articles

Student contributions should summarize the methods and results from the journal article and explain the importance of the work and its relevance to broader research on the ISM. Students can choose to aim their contribution at a graduate student audience (like the 2011 contributions) or an advanced undergraduate level (e.g. <a href=”astrobites.orgAstrobites), but in either case they should write pedagogically — focus on explaining rather than summarizing.

Some good examples from the 2011 course and Astrobites are below.

Journal Club 2013

January 31 On the Dark Markings in the Sky, E.E. Barnard 1919 (ADS link, Hope’s presentation slides)

February 7 Turbulence and star formation in molecular clouds, R.B. Larson 1981 (ADS link) – Philip Mocz

February 14 The Physical State of Interstellar Hydrogen, B. Stromgren 1939 (ADS link) – Anjali Tripathi

February 21 Dark Nebulae, Globules, and Protostars, B.J. Bok (ADS link) – George Miller

March 8 A Theory of the Interstellar Medium: Three Components Regulated by Supernova Explosions in an Inhomogeneous Substrate (McKee and Ostriker). Our follow up discussion concerned wild ideas for observationally detecting the phases of the ISM.

March 14 The mass function of dense molecular cores and the origin of the IMF (Alves 2007).

April 2 Expanded Very Large Array observations of the Barnard 5 star-forming core: embedded filaments revealed (J. Pineda, A.A. Goodman, H.G. Arce, and P. Caselli, 2011) (paper link).

April 4 Three articles on outflows! (Hayashi & Pyo 2009, Snell et al. 1980, and Wu et al. 2009). – Fernando Becerra, Walker Lu, and Lauren Woolsey

April 11 The Acceleration of Cosmic Rays in Shock Fronts (Bell 1978). – Pierre Christian

April 18  Interpreting Spectral Energy Distributions from Young Stellar Objects, Thomas P. Robitaille et al. 2007 (ADS link) – Meredith MacGregor

April 25 On The Density of Neutral Hydrogen In Intergalactic Space, Gunn & Peterson 1965, (ADS link)– Yuan-Sen Ting

April 30 Stellar Feedback in Galaxies and the Origin of Galaxy-Scale Winds, Hopkins et al. 2012 (ADS Link) – Kate Alexander


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