Harvard Astronomy 201b

Journal Club 2011

This page links to the journal articles discussed by the class in Spring 2011. Articles were selected from the AY201b Library at ADS. (For more choices… try the new ADS Labs!)


This page is a continual work in progress… alternative articles on the same topics as those shown here may be suggested by students.  Article selection will be finalized by a week before any article is to be read–and the AY201b Google Calendar here will then give the correct choice.

January 27: On the Dark Markings in the Sky, E.E. Barnard 1919 (ADS link) – Bence Beky

February 3:  A theory of the interstellar medium – Three components regulated by supernova explosions in an inhomogeneous substrate, C.F. McKee & J.P. Ostriker 1977 (ADS link) – Tanmoy Laskar

February 10: The Galactic Distribution of OB Associations in Molecular Clouds, J.P. Williams & C.F. McKee 1997 (ADS link) – Vicente Rodriguez-Gomez

Wednesday February 16: Why are most molecular clouds not bound? C. L. Dobbs, A. Burkert and J.E. Pringle 2011 (arxiv link) – Elisabeth Newton (with comments from author Andi Burkert )

February 17: Dust Grain-Size Distributions and Extinction in the Milky Way, Large Magellanic Cloud, and Small Magellanic Cloud, Weingartner & Draine 2001, (ADS link) – Katherine Rosenfeld & Max Moe

February 24: H II regions and the abundance properties of spiral galaxies, Zaritsky, Kennicutt & Huchra 1994 (ADS link) and The Formation of Massive Stars: Accretion, Disks, and the Development of Hypercompact H II Regions , E. Keto 2007 (ADS link) – Courtney Dressing & Yucong Zhu

March 3: Stellar Kinematics of Young Clusters in Turbulent Hydrodynamic Simulations, S.R.  Offner, C.E. Hansen & M.R. Krumholz 2009 (ADS link) – Aaron Bray & Gongjie Li

March 8: The “True” Column Density Distribution in Star-Forming Molecular Clouds, A.A. Goodman et al. 2008  (ADS link) AND Molecular Rings Around Interstellar Bubbles and the Thickness of Star-Forming Clouds, C.N. Beaumont & J.P. Williams 2010 (ADS link) – Bekki Dawson & Li Zeng

March 24The Three-Dimensional Structure of Cassiopeia A, T. DeLaney et al. 2010 (ADS link) – Ian Czekala & Nathan Sanders  (Note: The 3DPDF of Figure 20 is here.  Open it (after you’ve logged in via ADS to IOP’s site) with Adobe Acrobat (not Preview, or anything other than Acrobat).)

March 31Self-Regulated Star Formation in Galaxies via Momentum Input from Massive Stars, P.F. Hopkins; E. Quataert; N. Murray 2011 (ADS link) – Dylan Nelson & Josh Suresh

April 7:  Postrefurbishment mission Hubble Space Telescope images of the core of the Orion Nebula: Proplyds, Herbig-Haro objects, and measurements of a circumstellar disk, C.R. O’Dell &  Wen Zheng 1994 (ADS link) – Jason Dittmann

April 14Spitzer Survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud: Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy’s Evolution (SAGE). I. Overview and Initial Results, M. Meixner et al. 2006 (ADS link) – Sukrit Ranjan & Greg Green

April 21: On the Density of Neutral Hydrogen in Intergalactic Space, J. E. Gunn & B.A. Peterson 1965 (ADS linkand Evolution of the Intergalactic Opacity: Implications for the Ionizing Background, Cosmic Star Formation, and Quasar Activity, C. A. Faucher-Giguère et al. 2008 (ADS link) – Ragnhild Lunnan & Aaron Meisner


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